It can sometimes be useful to remove features, such as fillets, chamfers, or holes, etc.. from an existing part. The RemoveFeatures node does this by providing a list of faces to remove.

To use it either specify the shape attribute or embed the input shape you want to modify and set the features list which should be a list of faces. The disabled flag can be set to quickly disable feature removal.

# Created in DeclaraCAD
from declaracad.occ.api import *
from declaracad.occ.loader import LoadedPart

enamldef Assembly(Part):

        features = [part.topology.faces[i] for i in (11, 16)]
        # disabled = True # Uncomment to turn off removal
        LoadedPart: part:
            filename = "examples/vacuum_nozzle.step"

The original part.


After removing the two faces specified in the list.


Note: Not all features can be removed. See opencascade's defeaturing blog post.