A short intro to how to use the viewer. A lot of interaction is common to many 3d viewers. There are two menus that help with interactions.

Spacebar menu

The spacebar menu is inspired by Horzion-EDA. It offers a quick way to access all viewer actions. To open the spacebar simply press the spacebar. Focus will change to the menu's filter box. Start typing to filter the available actions and click the action to trigger it.

Spacebar menu

Context menu

The context menu can be opened by right clicking. This menu has the most options although requires quite a few clicks to get around. It's mostly self-explanatory.

Context menu

Viewer Navigation

The viewer interface controls are as follows:

Left click and drag to rotate around the focal point


Middle click (the scroll wheel) and drag to pan


Scroll the mouse to zoom


Viewer Selection

Hover and left click to select an item. The item that will be selected will be highlighted in blue. To select multiple item's hold shift when selecting.


When an item is selected a popup is shown that attempts to give a description of what is selected.

Note: A description can be assigned on the declaration to customize what is shown (see Appearance).

Selection Modes

The selection mode can be changed to set which topology type can be selected.
Selection modes can be changed in several ways.

To use the context menu, right click and choose the mode from the selection menu.

Context menu

To use the spacebar menu, open the spacebar, start typing select, then click the button to activate the mode.

Spacebar Selection

Finally, the fastest way is to simply use the viewer hotkey. These are displayed in the spacebar menu. Simply set focus on the viewer, then type sv to change the mode to vertex, se for edge, sw, for wire, etc..

Selection shortcuts